Man Plays Ping Pong With a Water Droplet, Can You Tell How It is Done?

This just look like magic in real life…

The video is so fascinating, we can keep watching it for a long while (if you plays it in loops). This seems to be an excellent cut of a clip that the start and the end match perfectly together.

Apart from the awesome cut, do you wonder why the water droplet can bounce like a ping pong ball? What is the trick behind?

Actually, this clip is a modified version of the video at the bottom:

“NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who marked day 300 of a historic year in space on Jan. 21, 2016, shows off another fascinating feature of life in microgravity. Kelly used two paddles with hydrophobic, or water repellant, features to pass a sphere of water back and forth.”


“The paddles are polycarbonate laser etched so that the surfaces are actually arrays of 300 micrometer posts (0.3mm). The surfaces were then spray coated with a Teflon coat. The combined effects of surface roughness and non-wettability produce a super-hydrophobic surface capable of preventing water adhesion in dynamic processes.”


Something not as mythical as magic, but still special and interesting. Right?

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