Getting Stuck on a Pole With Literally Nothing Else But the Pole

Well… the steps are simple. Just hold your (or someone’s) body up on a pole, tangle the legs around the pole and sit on it. It may look easy to escape from the ‘trap’ at a first glance, however, this was actually a restraint technique used by special forces in WWII.

Some more details can be found here.

Don’t try this on your own!


You need someone to get you out of the trap.


You may think that girls are not strong enough to pull themselves up and get away from the pole, but there are quite a bit videos on the web that show the same happenings on men / kids as well.

another one:

WARNING: NO joke! Don’t try this trick out on your own, you may be trapped for days and cannot get away from it. You may need 1 or 2 people to get you out safely.

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