Firemen Use Lettuce to Free Dog Stuck Down a Tunnel Behind a 80lb Tortoise

This is the hilarious moment firefighters attempted to use lettuce to bait a massive pet tortoise out a tunnel to free a family’s pet dog. A desperate family had to call 911 after their two animals got stuck together six feet inside a hole in their back garden.

Tracy Arballo, from Fontana, California, asked for help from emergency services when her husband Don tried to rescue German Shepherd Taylor and appropriately named tortoise Godzilla, but got stuck too! Fortunately for Don, he managed to free himself before San Bernardino firefighters arrived on the scene. Footage from the scene shows a group of emergency workers crowding around a large hole in the ground. Barking can be heard faintly at first, as dog owner Tracy shouts to the German Shepherd to calm him down. Taylor the dog then continues to yelp and rescues struggle to work out why they can’t get him out of the hole. As a uniformed firefighters examines the gap in the earth with a torch however, one shouts out in surprise, ‘dude there’s a ****ing turtle in the way’.


Slowly but surely the reptile, which belongs to the couple, began to appear crawling out of the darkness allowing Taylor to get some fresh air. But before the dog could be set free Godzilla, weighing in at 30 kilograms, needed to be shifted the final few feet out of the tunnel. Unsure how to deal with such a heavy creature, the men then tried to use lettuce as bait to attract Godzilla out of the hole.


The tortoise didn’t show much interest in the greens and stays, leaving the firefighters with no option but to whip out a shovel. The firefighters can be seen sighing with relief after as Godzilla is finally lifted out of the hoe, as Taylor slips out from behind him and is reunited with Tracey.

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