2-Year-Old Girl Shows Off Her Impressive Skill As She Climb Up The Fridge To Get Her Pen

She really got talent!

A Utah toddler emulated a superhero as she showed off her incredible upper-body strength and climbed a refrigerator. Two-year-old Scarlett was recorded by her mom, Tana Oliver, effortlessly scaling the refrigerator in their St. George home to reach a pen that sat in a black basket at the top.



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The basket used to be at the base of the refrigerator but moved to the top because Scarlett would draw on everything. But that didn’t stop the ambitious two-year-old from getting what she wanted. The video starts with Scarlett at the base of the refrigerator using the handles to pull herself up.



At one point she uses the water dispenser on the fridge as leverage to hoist herself onto the top. She’s even able to get herself down by swinging in a move fit for a monkey.



Apparently, Scarlett takes after her older brother Liam, nine, who is also an active climber. The little climber has since scaled back her adventurous ways up the refrigerator, but she may have a bright future in rock climbing.



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